Artist Spotlight - Hynek Šnajdr

Artist Spotlight - Hynek Šnajdr

Using a mix of fantasy inspired imagery and beautiful painting technique- Hynek creates magical illustrations that we fell in love with.

Hynek Šnajdr is a 20 year old artist who lives and studies in the Czech Republic. They've been drawing since they were super young, and love using watercolour and coloured pencils; often combining them together to create fantastic texture within their work.

Focusing heavily on a fantasy, nature and form, they create some really breathtaking paintings.
We are also super impressed with the sheer amount of detail in their work! Each piece tells a story and are fascinating to look at.

You can find more of their work via these handy links:
Deviant Art
So what did they create for us?

We noticed that Hynek had painted a BEAUTIFUL sad ghost in a green house, and we knew we wanted to have them as an artist spotlight feature <3
We decided a print of the original work would be a wonderful idea! Each Giclee print is A4, and printed on 300gsm textured fine art paper in full colour. 

You can find their print HERE!
Now onto the Q&A's

1. What's your favourite fictitious Ghost from popular media?

I have been thinking about it for quite a while, and have realized that there is not enough of likeable ghosts in popular media! Or maybe I just can’t think of any just now. My favorite ghost at the moment is Sandra The Unseeing from video game Pyre which I have been playing recently. She attempted to kill cruel emperor and was sentenced to be kept inside of Beyonder crystal for all eternity. She can be a bit bitter at times, but she is very nice actually and I would love if there was a way to free her from her prison!

2. What's the best item in your pencil case?

My best item in my pencil case must be a beautiful package of silver ink I got as a gift from my cousin. It is yet unused because it is very precious to me, but one day I will make some beautiful picture with it. I also have paint brushes which were used by my grandmother when she was young, and a wooden dip pen I love working with.

3. Paint? Pencil? or Tablet?

Both pencil and paint. I never got chance to try tablet out but I think I wouldn‘t make it work. My favorite way of working is making a pencil drawing and later coloring it with watercolor, so those two mediums are inseparable for me.

4. What's your go-to motivational album?
There is so many great music and so many albums I love. Ashes by Kyla La Grange has been one of my favorites for a long time, I grew great attachment to the songs and they became very important for me. Columbine by Aura Dione is another one I loved since I was young. At the moment, I rediscovered Daughter, their first album is magical.

5. How would you describe your work? Are there any common themes?

I am not good at describing my work, but from what others told me about it, I think I can make some basic picture. At it’s best, it is dreamy, or at least I always tried for it to be. I always thought my strongest point is great imagination and so I try to keep it and treasure it. I enjoy creating new worlds and cultures and magical things in general. The themes that are constant are people, nature and some kind of emotion or feeling.
6. What's your proudest piece that you've worked on?

This changes a lot over time, and I am never completely happy with anything I make. But I enjoyed making the picture for The Sad Ghost Club and I really like the outcome, so it might as well be my proudest piece. This weekend, I was painting poppies on a fence in a home for handicapped people, and it was both challenging and great experience. I think the outcome looks great and it is one of the things I am most proud of.

7. Do you have any/many artist rituals?
I often drink tea while drawing or painting, sometimes I like to eat something little and sweet as well. Other than that, I don’t really know. I like to work when there are people around, but I don’t like them watching, on the other hand. It’s a bit strange, I know. I just like company, I guess. I sometimes draw while watching television, or I almost always listen to some music.

8. What motivates you?
The thought that someone will enjoy the outcome or that it could make someone happy, or a bit sad, or that they can relate, or if they feel anything really, thats a good thing. It also motivates me that with every new picture I might get a little better. It motivates me that I get closer to my goals, to my dreams. One day, my drawings and stories might reach more people who might find something valuable or important in them.

9. What do you do, that you think no one else does whilst working?
Hmm. I don’t think I do something no one else does while working. I might be quite boring in this sense. I just sit and draw. At times, I might stand up and do something totally different and then come back to it.

10. Who are you inspired by?
I am inspired by anyone who is doing what they love and is following their dreams. That is what I admire the most. It also motivates me when somebody is trying to change things for the better, no matter how small the thing seems. Other than that, my favorite artists do inspire me. Musicians Lights, Florence Welch, Kyla La Grange, creators of my favorite tv shows and computer games, artists like Tina Berning, Heikala, Agnes Cecile and Tran Nguyen. And Hayao Miyazaki, I almost forgot!

11. What's your favourite way to practice self care?
(Especially after a busy week)
Go home, make a green tea and watch a Ghibli movie. Or put a cd into player and dance to it. Or just draw, If I can and I am not pressured by what to draw. Or play a video game (Ori and the Blind Forest, Life is Strange, Child of Light, Memoranda, Night in The Woods, Oxenfree). When I don’t feel well for a longer period of time, it helps to just go for a walk in the forest and maybe get a little lost.


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