About Us

We're a small creative project making comic books, apparel and merchandise to spread positive awareness of mental health. 

Starting with just a few comics, the sad ghost club has become an important form of validation and understanding for many ghosties out there. We're now a small team working hard to provide knowledge and compassion for all those experiencing the different sides of mental health.

We believe that togetherness and acceptance are key to understanding our own mental health. Feeling misunderstood and lonely can make these confusing feelings so much worse.

We want ghosties to know that they're not alone. Everyone experiences different mental well-being, be it positive or negative and anyone can go through a rough patch. It's ok to feel sad, we feel that knowing others feel the same as you can be incredibly positive. 

Starting conversations and giving ghosties a way to express their feelings has become a major part of what we do, and we strive to tell all the different types of stories there are to tell. Mental health is broad and complicated, and sometimes the most validating feeling is knowing someone else has experienced what you're going through.



 If you'd like to know more, or be involved with the club please email us at -



Stay spooky ghosties x