Artist Spotlight - Jack Teagle

Artist Spotlight - Jack Teagle

Using a playful style with bright bold colours, Jack Teagle creates magical illustrations and comics.

Jack is a super talented Illustrator based in the south west of England, he has self-published comics, been a part of many exhibitions and has a long list of clients he's worked with. We've been a fan of Jack's work for a long time here at SGC, so we're excited to have him design an awesome piece of merch for us!
Room Fifty - Animal Women
Jack has a really nice, unique style to his work. We love his use of colour, and the rounded shape to his illustrations. Jack also has some pretty humorous work as well, especially his comics (check out Jeff Job Hunter, it is great.)
Portland Mercury Cover
So what did he design for us?
Jack has created this AWESOME patch! We are in love with the colours and the sweet spooky text, and we can't wait to put it on our fave denim jackets <3
You can find Jack's patch HERE
You can check out more of Jack's work here:

And now onto the Q&A's:
1. What's your favourite fictitious Ghost from popular media?
Probably Slimer from the Real Ghost Busters. (The movie version was a bit too menacing for me as a kid).
When I had my injections as a kid, I remember my mum buying me a toy of him for being brave.

2. What's the best item in your pencil case?
I've got a custom made "blade pen" made by the cartoonist Dan Berry, that's really versatile. It can do these big sweeping lines, but also quite fine detail.
It's a little like using a brush pen.

3. Paint? Pencil? or Tablet?
I use everything! Whatever works.
I've started to ink wash backgrounds for my digital paintings, to try to merge everything I do into a more unified voice.
I've finally found the perfect custom brush for photoshop that mimics my dip pen too, so if I ever have any changes, I can use my tablet easily.

4. What's your go-to motivational album?
Probably Metallica - Ride the Lightning or The Go Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike

5. How would you describe your work? Are there any common themes?
It's deceptively simple at times. I can draw in a variety of ways, but I really love letting something bold and powerful speak. Especially on t-shirts. You can see something bold from a mile away.

My comics, I try to just install this message of "never give up" in a lot of what I do, and to create a crazy, visceral energy to go along with it.

Most of my themes are influenced by popular culture (growing up with so many crazy toys in the hyper-commercialised early 90s), but also now nature, melancholy, and merging those themes with what I enjoyed drawing as a kid, Fantastical scenes of sad astronauts, strange beasts, etc.

6. What's your proudest piece that you've worked on?
I'm not sure. I'm very proud of the amount of comics I've managed to get published by different publishers. I don't really get proud with my work, more content. I try not to dwell on anything I've done, and just strive to improve.
My work ethic is very much tied with my mental health, and when I stay positive and happy, I produce my best work, so I keep trying to move forward.

7. Do you have any/many artist rituals?
I try to go to the gym as often as possible. As I get older, I find that I need to leave the studio, I get quite fidgety. Stretching my legs really help.
When I work on quite difficult jobs, I often draw warm-down sketches, or colour some old work to wind down.

8. What motivates you?
Being able to work as an artist for a living. I don't really need or want that much in my life, but drawing and making things for people and for myself makes me very happy.
I strive to avoid getting trapped into the bad jobs I once had, and to make work more of a fun lifestyle than something I feel like I'm throwing a large portion of my life away at.

9. What do you do, that you think no one else does whilst working?
Sometimes I'm quite naughty and work on a personal drawing on the side, especially if I'm working in ink for a client, and I'm waiting for the paper to dry.

10. Who are you inspired by?
A lot of outsider artists, a lot of people with their own unique voice. I like naive painters that developed their own way of working.
Painters are Martin Lemann, Beryl Cook, Henri Rousseau but then there are trained visionary painters I enjoy like Stanley Spencer.
I love imagery that has a narrative, the same goes for William Blake and Leonora Carrington.
Outsider art, I love Henry Darger's sheer amount of work and vision.
I enjoy looking at ancient art from around the world too. Just going back through time, studying how people perceived things, and trying to learn from that.

11. What's your favourite way to practice self care?
(Especially after a busy week)
I go to the gym, or go for a walk to quite literally to stretch my legs. I can get pretty bad cramp from a busy work week where I'm stuck at my desk.
That instantly puts me in a different frame of mind and I feel a lot better.
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