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    The Holidays! (And what's happening)

    The Holidays! (And what's happening)

    Hello ghosties, as you know the Holidays are fast approaching and this is a time we like a little break from the shop, to rest up and come up with the best ideas for the new year ahead.

    So we'll be away from the shop from the 21st of December, to the 2nd January. The shop will remain open but all orders placed during this week will be sent when we come back, after the 2nd Jan.

    This is a tricky time for us because unfortunately, we're leaving our current studio PAPERarts and we're gutted. As we look for a new studio we'll be working from our residence (again, just like old times!) so it's going to be a busy busy month! We have to be out of our studio by January, hence the longer break, this seemed the best time to try and get everything out of the studio and set up at home. We're hoping we've planned it well and everything will be carrying on as normal!

    We're really gonna miss PAPERarts, they've helped us in so many ways and we're mostly going to miss working in such a supportive creative hub every day! Our first workshops were hosted here because they took a chance on us, and now workshops are a major part of SGC. 

    Next year we're hoping to host a lot more workshops, so if you've got any great ideas in regards to workshops, please let us know! We'd love to hear from all of you!!

    We're super excited for 2017 and all of the things we've got planned, and we want to say thank you for sticking with us, supporting us, and proving to us that drawings about a ghost can actually have a positive impact in this scary world. 


    Thanks, Lize xxx





    Hey ghosties! There've been a number of changes happening here at Sad Ghost Hq in the past few weeks. Most importantly - Laura has had her baby! Little Una was born Tuesday 11th October and they're both doing great. This means Laura is currently on maternity leave for the foreseeable future. In the run up to baby-day it was just me running SGC and it was quite tough, but Rob Smith joined the team on Monday which means I can get back to creating new products, and comics, and all the art-based things I loved doing! Hoorah! In his first week he's already re-arranged the whole studio to make us more efficient, and come up with some great product ideas, so yay Rob! (you might see him in our Instagram Story occasionally!) 

    We're off to Plymouth this weekend to talk at Plymouth College of Art which is where I studied illustration, and next weekend we're off to Leeds for Thought Bubble Art Festival. We're super excited for thought bubble, it's our favourite comic-con and we always meet such great people there (and we can spend all day trying to guess what people are cosplaying as). We've got some new things coming when we come back from thought bubble, as well as some re-runs of old stock, so stay tuned! 

    Our brand new comic zine 'Getting By' is now officially out, and available online, it's a collection of all the recent comics we've been posting and we're really proud of it. It looks so nice in the flesh! It started almost/over a year ago (I can't really remember when we made the first comic!) and it's been really nice making these comics whenever we have an idea, and then finally collating them all together in a real life zine. 


    I just want to say thanks for the support, when it was just me in the studio I read all of the messages we got every day and felt thoroughly appreciated which was really nice because it was pretty stressful and a bit scary. Your messages helped me carry on and not feel quite so frazzled haha!

    Thanks for sticking with us, ghosties, you rule <3

    Lize xx