Welcome To The Sad Ghost Club Exhibition!

Welcome To The Sad Ghost Club Exhibition!


On Thursday 18th of February we held the private viewing for our exhibition at PAPER Arts Bristol! Thanks to everyone who came to support us, it was a lot of fun and made us feel very professional. The exhibition will be up until wednesday 24th of this month so there's still a bit of time to check it out. This is the first official exhibition that we've held and it's been amazing so far.


Here's our pal Lori snapping some pictures! She got some good shots <3

Here's our pal Ange eyeing up some of our original comic pages from Thoughts Of A Sad Ghost! 

George and Lize chatting away <3

For all the ghosties who couldn't make it, we have put up some new prints in our shop, find them here:

Rules from Guide To Not Being Sad 
Rules from Guide To Making Friends
If You're Feeling Blue Print

Thanks again to everyone who came,

Lize, Laura and Helen x

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