Shipping For The Holidays!

Shipping For The Holidays!

Hey ghosties, the holidays are fast approaching and as a lot of you lovely ghosts are from all around the world it's best we let you know the safest times to order so you're not disappointed!

For international orders (anywhere that isn't the UK) - it's best you order as soon as possible to make sure you definitely receive your order in time but these are the dates given by Royal Mail who we use to ship our orders.


We will be closing the shop from the 21st-28th December for the holidays!! In the mean time we've got some more stock coming (new and old!) and we'll be posting on our instagram @theofficialsadghostclub all about that, so make sure you're following us if you want to stay updated with what's coming in! 

Hope you ghosties are all getting excited for the holidays <3

Lize, Helen and Nathan <3

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