Artist Spotlight - Cristian Ortiz

Artist Spotlight - Cristian Ortiz

Award winning illustrator Cristian Ortiz, or Crom as he's know, creates amazing work not just limited to illustration, but 2D animation and comics as well.


Crom's work is bold and features some pretty amazing fantasy themes such a warriors, knights and spooky looking individuals. We love his line work and how much detail he uses when drawing armour and weaponry.

If you want to see more of Crom's beautiful work, you can check out his website right !HERE!

So what did Crom create for Sad Ghost Club??

We thought that his bold and kinda dark style would look awesome on a tote bag, and he created a wonderfully spooky design for us that we are in love with.
We also think the white print looks striking and perfect against the black tote.

They're a super handy size so you can fit all of your belongings in and walk around feeling like a boss. You can find his bags !HERE!
Now onto the questions!
1. What's your favourite fictitious Ghost from popular media?
Not sure if it counts but the Ghost King from Lord of the rings is really cool and I love him. he has a ghost army!
2. What's the best item in your pencil case?
Right now just a standard white Lamy biro that my sister bought me while we were travelling together in Germany and Austria.
3. Paint? Pencil? or Tablet?
Biro? if that’s not an option then definitely pencil.

4.What's your go-to motivational album?
It changes every now and then but usually goes from RTJ2 , Kanye’s Graduation, and some Bebop playlists.  

 5. How would you describe your work? Are there any common themes?
I’d describe it as  gritty , wobbly lines with bold shadows. My common themes are cosmonauts, swords, warriors and skulls. 

6. What’s your proudest piece that you've worked on?
My character The Bird King. I  did a character sheet of him and everyone loves him.

7. Do you have any/many artist rituals?
Not that I can think of.

8. What motivates you?
The idea of improving my craft and to inspire people with my work.

9. What do you do, that you think no one else does whilst working?
I roll my tongue and put it to the side a bit when I focus intensely on something.

10. Who are you inspired by?
Taiyo Matsumoto, Mike Mignola, Ashley wood and Gipi.

11. What's your favourite way to practice self care? (Especially after a busy week!)
I started doing meditation a few years ago and it really helps me get my head clear to start every day properly.


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