Artist Spotlight- Ben White

Artist Spotlight- Ben White




Creating playfully humorous illustrations, we're totally swooning over Ben White's style. 



So as these Artist Spotlight's continue I'm slowly realising that the HUGE selection of artists I thought I knew about is actually incredibly small and I've basically exhausted my personal favourites... So asking the studio for help I was prompted to check out Ben White and I instantly LOVED what I was seeing.


Ben's style is so polished and charming I find that I can't look away. I love the characterisation and the world Ben builds. Ben's unique style really fits his subject matter, the tongue-in-cheek naivety compliments the slightly more serious themes really well, it's just super nice to look at and we're now all obsessed here in the studio.

You can find ben's work here

So what's he made for us?

We wanted Ben to make something that could really showcase his illustration style, so we thought greetings cards would be a neat little product that Ben could really sink his teeth into..

And we were NOT disappointed, Ben's designed 3 cards for the club and each one is as funny and charming as the last and we're super duper pleased with them.






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