*WORKSHOP* August - Positive Postcards

*WORKSHOP* August - Positive Postcards

It's that time again ghosites! We're running our Positive Postcards workshop this month, now with even more materials and more inspiration. It will be held on Saturday 27/08/2016 from 2:00 til 5:00pm at PAPER Arts in Broadmead, Bristol

BOOK HERE  or see the FB event

Join us (Laura and Lize) in a safe space and create personal, helpful mementos with The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Positive Postcards!

Words of encouragement and positive messages to the self make a world of difference when thinking about our own well-being. Simply writing down what we like about ourselves can really put things into perspective, giving us something physical to refer back to when times are at their hardest.

Experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques: from paints to collage, illustration to glitter, you’ll produce your own positive postcard pack that reflects your wonderful personality and remind yourself of why you matter!

BOOK HERE  or see the FB event

We've been gathering up lots of different materials to help inspire your brains to get into a creative frame of mind.
Laura went to England's biggest 2nd hand bookstore and picked up loads of books to use as reference or to cut up for collage. 
We've also got loads of paints, pens, glitter etc to help create your postcards.

There's a variety of individuals that attend our workshops, with a wide range of experience in using their creativity. We want to encourage people to explore their creative side and make sure they go home with something they're proud of, no matter what their crafting knowledge! 

Take care of yourself Ghosties! 
Love, Laura and Lize xoxo
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