**New Workshop** Guide to Positive Felt Flags

**New Workshop** Guide to Positive Felt Flags

We've got a new workshop ghosties!!  It's called The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Positive Felt Flags. It will be held on Saturday 25/06/2016 from 2:00 til 5:00pm at PAPER Arts in Broadmead, Bristol

Join us (Laura and Lize) in a safe space to create and decorate personal, helpful mementos. Words of encouragement and positive messages to the self make a world of difference when thinking about our own well-being.

Simply writing down what we like about ourselves and the people around us can really put things into perspective, giving us something physical to refer back to when times are at their hardest.

Whether it’s to give yourself a little morale boost or for a friend to show some support, it’s time to create some felt pennant flags and bunting!

We’ll be providing materials for you to create, sew, stick and paint your positive felt flag!

BOOK HERE  or see the FB event

This workshop is part of a series of workshops throughout the Year. Open to all, Mind Over Matter will be using art and creative thinking to inspire and empower, equipping us with ideas and techniques to better improve our mental well-being.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, send us an ask Tumblr or contact us here
Love Laura xxxx


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