NEW Charity Badge - OTR (Bristol) / Inspiration Works

NEW Charity Badge - OTR (Bristol) / Inspiration Works

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Every year we create charity badges, where 100% of the profits go to a Mental Health Charity.

This year the money will go towards Inspiration Works which is a project within OTR, who we raised money for in 2015

We do a lot of work with Off The Record, which is a charity based in Bristol, UK. They provide free, confidential mental health advice for those aged 11-25. Some services they provide include: emergency sessions for young people in crisis, sessions of counselling for young people struggling with self-harm, stress management workshops, plus loads of other incredible things! 

They've just got a new space which we have been so excited about, called "Inspiration Works". It's a community arts studio for young people aged 11-25 years.
We've been watching the project grow from the beginning and it's really coming together. 

We'll be running free workshops in Inspiration Works based around art therapy and self care
for OTR users. One of them is something we've been working on for a while, called "The Sketchbook Club", which will create a safe space for teenagers where they can feel free to express themselves through the medium of a sketchbook.

As well as our workshops, there will be loads of other workshops, talks and events based around Art Therapy.

The money raised from the badges will go towards materials for the workshops and also service providers from OTR to be in attendance for advice and support.

This is such an exciting and needed project that we are so grateful to be a part of!

There are 100 badges (50 grey & 50 pink) which have all been beautifully hand painted and numbered by Official Sad Ghost Lize, so each badge is one of a kind.


**Click Here** to get yourself a hand painted badge to help Inspiration Works and OTR with their creative project. 

Take care of yourselves ghosites, 
Love Laura and Lize of The Sad Ghost Club 



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