Artist Spotlight - Sophie Robin

Artist Spotlight - Sophie Robin

Using magical imagery and muted colour palettes, Sophie creates fantastical worlds full of character and charm.


The awesomely talented illustrator Sophie Robin, lives in Glasgow. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in July 2017, and now works freelance.
Sophie Robin has the uncanny ability to make her pieces feel like a charm bracelet, that imprints on you'r mind. There's a folky fable element to Sophie's work that's able to tell a story in a single image. Magic!
Her line work has terrific form, whilst maintaining a softness. Each image is able to feel foreboding, and leave you with anticipation.
So what did Sophie create for us?
Sophie has designed a stunning tea towel, featuring beautiful harvest festival imagery! We love how she's draw the ghostie, and we love all the detail she's put into it <3
You can find Sophie's tea towel HERE!
You can see more of Sophie's work here:
Q&A with Sophie Robin:
1. What's your favourite fictitious Ghost from popular media?
I quite like Boo from Super Mario Bros. especially when he gets all shy and covers his face, he’s really cute!

2. What's the best item in your pencil case?
I have this nice Japanese fine liner pen that I stole from my partner that I like to sketch with.

3. Paint? Pencil? or Tablet?

4. What's your go-to motivational album?
At the moment I’m into some heavier stuff, I’ve been listening to this album Jord by a band called MØL that I’m really into.

5. How would you describe your work? Are there any common themes?
Inky lines and images that speak of the darker side of things. I love folk stories, monsters, nature and strong women and I think these themes come out in my work often.

6. What's your proudest piece that you've worked on?
I recently finished making my first book with Nobrow about unicorns and I feel proud that I had it in me to make a whole book! I’m also proud of this dragon zine I made with my best friend Ellie. I still really like that even though we made it a few years ago now.

7. Do you have any/many artist rituals?
Not really, but something I want to start doing more is hand stretches before and after I start drawing, I’m really bad at looking after my drawing hand and I usually work it to death.

8. What motivates you?
Making money as an artist so I can do this full time! But less cynically I want to inspire people or at least have people enjoy my work. I also want to keep improving my art skill, there’s always something new to learn!

9. What do you do, that you think no one else does whilst working?
I make noises at my pet rats so that they come out of their hammock to say hello but then I keep on drawing. I just like seeing their faces from time to time when I’m working.

10. Who are you inspired by?
Loads of artists! I love it when you can feel someone taking risks and learning new things and its really paying off. The work feels exciting and you can feel the fun they had doing it. I find that very inspiring.

11. What's your favourite way to practice self care? (Especially after a busy week)
Watching anime or movies and drinking beer with my friends! Haha. I also find knitting very relaxing, it gives me some me time and space to be quiet and absorbed mentally. Also going for walks, preferably where there are lots of trees. 
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