The Sad Ghost Club's Guide To making A Sensory Box

The Sad Ghost Club's Guide To making A Sensory Box

On Saturday 30th of Jan we held a sensory box making workshop, to encourage creativity and self care awareness. Sensory boxes are helpful tools to use when you're feeling depressed/anxious or otherwise. Using items in the box related to the senses can help ground you and give you feelings of calm and self-awareness.

We met some lovely people and had a great time, and were also joined by our friend Lotte who showed everyone how to make lavender bags <3
There was paint, glitter, sequins, and collage everywhere! We loved seeing everyone get creative by decorating their individual boxes and making things like stress balls and bracelets to put in them.

Thank you to everyone who came, we had a blast, and hope to see some of you there at the next workshop!

Love Laura, Lize and Helen 


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