The Guide to Hand Painted Badges Workshop

The Guide to Hand Painted Badges Workshop


On Saturday 27th Feburary we ran a workshop with PAPERArts called The Guide to Painting Plant Pots, which is part of The Mind Over Matter series.  It was a workshop to encourage creativity and self care awareness.


The more workshops we've been doing, the more materials we've accumulated, so we had loads of paints, lots of glitter and tonnes of inspiration!  
We have lots of returning faces at our workshops and have made some lovely friends through doing this, so thank you so much for the support!

There's a variety of individuals that attend our workshops, with a wide range of experience in using their creativity. We want to encourage people to explore their creative side and make sure they go home with something they're proud of, no matter what they're crafting knowledge! 

Here's some of the badges we made for the workshop! It's rare we get photos of what people have made because we just get too into the workshop and forget to take photos (sorry)!!! 

We won't be holding a workshop in May for Mind Over Matter as we're stalling at Brighton Illustration Fair that weekend - exciting!... but don't worry as the lovely Gracie from Gracefullymade will be holding one of their workshops and they're wonderful! We'll post on our social media about their workshop when there's more info. 

Take care of yourself Ghosties! 

Love, Laura and Lize xox

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