Artist Spotlight - Jack Xander

Artist Spotlight - Jack Xander

Using bright colours and playful imagery, Jack creates fun, eye-catching digital art!

Bristol based illustrator Jack Xander has worked with a host of clients including  
The Daily Telegraph, The Natural History Museum, Airbnb and Ivy Press Ltd. 
His work focuses heavily on digital art, and he mainly uses a tablet to create his illustrations.

Jack's work also features a lot of space imagery, which we love!
He also creates super nice animated work, we are huge fans of his clock images <3
So what did he make for us?
Jack created a wonderful A5 sticker sheet! We love the space theme and the cute lil ghost in the rocket ship.
You can find the sticker sheet here!
You can check out more of Jack's work here:
Now for the Q&A's
1. What's your favourite fictitious Ghost from popular media?
Gotta be ghost Yoda - real wise dude after 900 years but also knows how to pull some major bants. Cooks a mean stew.
2. What's the best item in your pencil case?
I have these pretty neat Lego Brick erasers. You can stack 'em and stuff, just like the real deal... they're not practical but who cares when you can build a spaceship?
3. Paint? Pencil? Or Tablet?
Tablet for me. I made the switch recently and have found it way easier keeping a digital archive of everything on the go, rather than carrying stacks and stacks of paper round!
4. What's your go-to motivational album?
'Demon Days' by Gorillaz. Gets me right in the nostalgia every time & hits on so many genres throughout - variety really keeps my brain ticking, so it's perfect to make work to.
5. How would you describe your work? Are there any common themes?
Maybe, retro-graphic minimalism? I like to really consider layout and explore that through use of simple shapes and limited colour. Sci-fi/fantasy themes end up creeping into my work as I'm continually consuming it through the media I interact with.
6. What's your proudest piece that you've worked on?
I created a double page spread for a project with Airbnb & The Natural History Museum which was a really fun and challenging brief. I was pretty used to creating self-contained editorial images, so working over two pages on a narrative focused piece proved tricky but gratifying.
7. Do you have any/many artist rituals?
I like to have an organised and clean space to work in. My brain gets a bit fuzzy and I'm easily distracted if my pencils aren't in line with each other! I'm a real hoot at parties.
8. What motivates you?
My main motivation comes in the form of problem solving. I love a puzzle & so being able to dismantle a brief or project and piece it back together in a way that's simpler and visually cohesive really gets me going.
9. What do you do, that you think no one else does whilst working?
When listening to music I end up getting trapped in this loop of only clicking the mouse, or tapping the screen in time to the beat of the song. I start introducing other keys etc. as various other instruments until I finally realise what it is I'm actually doing with my. We all have our vices... right?
10. Who are you inspired by?
Inspiration comes in many shapes & forms, I find it hard to pin down! Stanley Kubrick, Phillip K Dick, Wes Anderson & Ray Harryhausen are all inspirations in motivating and encouraging new ideas - aesthetically I'd say I'm most informed & take influence from David Hockney (my quest to find glasses that cool is an ongoing struggle)
11. What's your favourite way to practice self care? (Especially after a busy week)
Sundays are sacred for me - I make sure I'm doing very little. A strict pyjamas & pizza policy is usually enforced, movies/tv series are essential. If for some reason I do leave the house you can be damn sure it's only to get a roast dinner (or snacks) and I'll be heading back indoors ASAP.
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