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    News — senses

    July's Mind Over Matter - Painted Plant Pots

    July's Mind Over Matter - Painted Plant Pots

    On Saturday 30th July I ran a workshop with PAPERArts called The Guide to Painted Plant Pots, which is part of The Mind Over Matter series.  It's a series of workshops to encourage creativity and self care awareness.

    Lize was unable to make it this month as she was drawing on the windows of Lush Bristol to help raise money for our workshops we run with OTR and spread some ghosite love!

    I have 'baby brain' at the moment as I'm currently growing a tiny human, so this workshop wasn't as organised as I would've liked, but I did get there in the end!! Thanks to everyone for your patience and to Sad Ghost Volunteer Brendan for helping me out on the day.

    The more workshops we've been doing, the more materials we've accumulated, so we had lots to go around.
    We had a few returning faces at this workshop and lots of new faces. We've made some lovely friends through doing this, so thank you so much for the support!
    It was lovely to see Bethany from Doll Hospital Journal who painted a beautiful plant pot.

    There's a variety of individuals that attend our workshops, with a wide range of experience in using their creativity. We want to encourage people to explore their creative side and make sure they go home with something they're proud of, no matter what they're crafting knowledge! 

    As well as painting plant pots we made some wild flower seed bombs, which they could either plant in their newly decorated pot or plant elsewhere. 

    Here's some of the plant pots made at the workshop! It's rare we get photos of what people have made because we get too into the workshop and forget to take photos, but this time I made sure to get a few snaps.

    Our next workshop for Mind Over Matter is Positive Postcards on the 27th August. I'll write a lil blog post about that soon. Click to book a space!!  

    Take care of yourself Ghosties! 
    Love, Laura oxox

    The Sad Ghost Club's Guide To making A Sensory Box

    The Sad Ghost Club's Guide To making A Sensory Box

    On Saturday 30th of Jan we held a sensory box making workshop, to encourage creativity and self care awareness. Sensory boxes are helpful tools to use when you're feeling depressed/anxious or otherwise. Using items in the box related to the senses can help ground you and give you feelings of calm and self-awareness.

    We met some lovely people and had a great time, and were also joined by our friend Lotte who showed everyone how to make lavender bags <3
    There was paint, glitter, sequins, and collage everywhere! We loved seeing everyone get creative by decorating their individual boxes and making things like stress balls and bracelets to put in them.

    Thank you to everyone who came, we had a blast, and hope to see some of you there at the next workshop!

    Love Laura, Lize and Helen 


    **NEW WORKSHOP** Mind Over Matter: The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Making a Sensory Box

    **NEW WORKSHOP** Mind Over Matter: The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Making a Sensory Box

    We've got a new workshop ghosties!!  It's called The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Making a Sensory Box. It will be held on Saturday 30/01015 from 2:30 til 5:30pm at PAPER Arts in Broadmead, Bristol

    Join us in a safe space and create something truly personal with our Guide to Sensory Boxes.

    When things are at their hardest, this workshop will hopefully provide you with a personal care-package that you can turn to. You will hand decorate your own sensory box and then fill it with small mementos linked to the five senses.

    Although a selection of mementos will be provided, please feel free to bring your own!


    This workshop is part of a series of workshops throughout the Year. Open to all, Mind Over Matter will be using art and creative thinking to inspire and empower, equipping us with ideas and techniques to better improve our mental well-being.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more, send us an ask Tumblr or contact us here

    Love Laura xxxx