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    The Guide to Making Plant Pots Workshop

    The Guide to Making Plant Pots Workshop


    On Saturday 27th Feburary we ran a workshop with PAPERArts called The Guide to Painting Plant Pots, which is part of The Mind Over Matter series.  It was a workshop to encourage creativity and self care awareness.

    We had tissue paper, paints, an endless supply of glitter, plus loads of other materials to decorate your own plant pot! As well as that we also made seed bombs, which you could either plant in your pot or take away with you, to plant at a later date. 

    Amazingly, the workshop sold out and we also had people show up on the day, so we met so many lovely people. We're so happy you all came and got creative with us! 

    We're now working on the next workshop that will be on the 19th March. It's called the Guide to Positive Postcards and you can book here.

    Lots of love, 
    Laura and Lize
    Team Sad Ghost x

    **NEW WORKSHOP** Mind Over Matter: The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Making a Sensory Box

    **NEW WORKSHOP** Mind Over Matter: The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Making a Sensory Box

    We've got a new workshop ghosties!!  It's called The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Making a Sensory Box. It will be held on Saturday 30/01015 from 2:30 til 5:30pm at PAPER Arts in Broadmead, Bristol

    Join us in a safe space and create something truly personal with our Guide to Sensory Boxes.

    When things are at their hardest, this workshop will hopefully provide you with a personal care-package that you can turn to. You will hand decorate your own sensory box and then fill it with small mementos linked to the five senses.

    Although a selection of mementos will be provided, please feel free to bring your own!


    This workshop is part of a series of workshops throughout the Year. Open to all, Mind Over Matter will be using art and creative thinking to inspire and empower, equipping us with ideas and techniques to better improve our mental well-being.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more, send us an ask Tumblr or contact us here

    Love Laura xxxx

    Holiday Postage Dates

    Holiday Postage Dates

    The Holiday season is fast approaching and we’ve had some ghosties asking about Holiday delivery times, so we went to our local Post Office to investigate.  Below are the recommended final order dates to get your packages in time for Christmas. 



    Thursday 3 December

    Africa, Middle East

    Friday 4 December

    Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)

    Monday 7 December

    Caribbean, Central and South America

    Wednesday 9 December

    Australia, Greece, New Zealand

    Friday 11 December

    Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

    Monday 14 December

    Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA

    Tuesday 15 December

    Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain

    Wednesday 16 December


    Thursday 17 December

    Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

    Saturday 19 December



    If you want to know more about our usual shipping times Click Here. 

    PLEASE NOTE: these are recommended dates from Royal Mail and we cannot guarantee they will get to you before Christmas.

    Love Laura
    Sad Ghost Club xx

    Any questions?

    Welcome to our new store!!!

    Welcome to our new store!!!

    We are super excited on our move to a bigger and better shop for you all! We have combined the website and web store to make a more user friendly shopping experience for you ghosties; as well as this we can add unlimited items rather than just the 25 we were limited to. Also, just in time for the holidays we are offering gift cards! Check them out on the other goodies section.
    In the future we will be working with other artists on some sweet collaborations, more news on this to follow. Exciting times ahead!

    To celebrate the move we are offering a 20% discount code THEBIGMOVE for you all that starts on the 20/11/15 until 27/11/15!

    Thesadghostclub x