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    News — postage

    Christmas postage times

    Christmas postage times

    Hi Ghosties! Christmas is creeping up on us, and we'd like to seem slightly more prepared than we are (a lot of big changes this year that have knocked us for six a little bit!) so here are our recommended dates for postage for the festive season!



    Orders placed after your recommended day will still be sent up to the 21st December (it just might not get to you before xmas!) These are the dates reccomended for the service we use, which is Royal Mail. We cannot guarantee that things sent overseas will definitely arrive to you before Christmas (thanks, customs!) but it has a much better chance if you order before your specified date.

    We will be closing the shop from the 21st-28th December for the holidays!! In the mean time we've got some more stock coming (new and old!) and we'll be posting on our instagram @theofficialsadghostclub all about that, so make sure you're following us if you want to stay updated with what's coming in! 

    Thanks Ghosties, 

    Stay Spooky, Love Lize x

    Holiday Postage Dates

    Holiday Postage Dates

    The Holiday season is fast approaching and we’ve had some ghosties asking about Holiday delivery times, so we went to our local Post Office to investigate.  Below are the recommended final order dates to get your packages in time for Christmas. 



    Thursday 3 December

    Africa, Middle East

    Friday 4 December

    Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)

    Monday 7 December

    Caribbean, Central and South America

    Wednesday 9 December

    Australia, Greece, New Zealand

    Friday 11 December

    Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

    Monday 14 December

    Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA

    Tuesday 15 December

    Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain

    Wednesday 16 December


    Thursday 17 December

    Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

    Saturday 19 December



    If you want to know more about our usual shipping times Click Here. 

    PLEASE NOTE: these are recommended dates from Royal Mail and we cannot guarantee they will get to you before Christmas.

    Love Laura
    Sad Ghost Club xx

    Any questions?